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A campsite close to the city center

Dragsö camping is only 3 km away from Karlskrona city center

Dragsö campsite is varying and with small fields. The largest field has only 52 pitches. The camping area is situated like an U around the island with most pitches close to the sea. 70 pitches has a beautiful sea view and 44 pitches are located with a view of Karlskrona city.
The western part of Dragsö island is wonderful with lush greenery.
The campsite has 290 pitches with electricity and 7 without. Around the island there are three differnt bathing areas, two of which have a sandy beach and the latter is a rocky beach with a diving board.

Camping zones

Dragsö Camping offers five different zones: orange, green, blue, purple and red zone.

Why zones? Well, they are for helping our guests choose a location based on the area, price, location and distance to the sea.

Hard to choose? You are always welcome to contact us for tips via phone +46 (0) 455-153 54 or e-mail

The green zone is located on the southeastern part of the island. The blue zone is spread over the campsite and these pitches are closer to the service building or more spacious. Purple zone is found on the western part of the island and these pitches are also closer to the service building or more spacious. Please note that these pitches can not be pre-booked. The red zone always has direct connection with the sea and these pitches can not be pre-booked either. Orange Zone has pitches that are a little smaller and they are specially for smaller caravans and motor homes.

Currently, we offer pre-booking of the following pitches:
101-153, 301-341, 401-439 (exceptions 409, 419 and 429),
501-546 (exceptions 505 and 528) and 710-717.

The places that can not be pre-booked are called unbookable, and they are in purple and red zone. Unbookable pitches can only be obtained upon arrival or during your stay if available. Read more about our unbookable places here.

The sunniest city in Sweden!

Karlskrona has been awarded for being Sweden's sunniest city a number of times!

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