We believe in sustainability!

The major energy consumers at the campsite are the electricity that goes to our guests in the camping area, heating of premises and heating of hot water. We limit customers to 10A in the area to minimize consumption. This is quite enough to heat up your car and to use regular household electricity.
Today, hot water is heated with a water heater with a hot water exchanger and with an air-to-water pump. We are gradually replacing the systems in the service houses with as energy-efficient systems as possible. For example, when we expanded our eastern service house in 2021, we replaced our old system with a new one with an energy saving of about 40,000 kWh annually.
All lighting is replaced with LED and the places where it is possible, we have motion guards.
All common rooms, except the central service building, are today heated with modern air-to-air pumps.

Solar cells:
Our policy is that when we build new houses or renovate, solar cells must be installed where possible.
In 2021, we have a facility of approximately 17,000 kWh at the restaurant and one of 9,000 kWh at the eastern service building.
We are proud that our water consumption is very low. We as a facility with staff, accommodation guests and everyone who visits us from Karlskrona only dispose of 18 liters per person per day. The average consumption in Sweden is 140 liters per person per day!

During the high season, there are four recycling stations in the area. Household rubbish is placed in the blue containers, metal packaging, newspapers, colored and uncoloured glass are placed in designated containers.
Plastic, corrugated cardboard and paper packaging can be sorted on the neighboring island of Saltö. Do not forget to put PET bottles and cans (including imports) in PantaMera. Other sorting is referred to Mältan’s recycling station in Bubbetorp.

We are proud to be able to annually contribute to WWF and the project Save the Baltic Sea with a deposit that is placed in one of our four PantaMera containers. In 2020, SEK 34,178 was donated. We hope that this increases by more people putting PET bottles and cans in the right container!

Food waste:
In Restaurant Havsviken, there is sometimes food left over for lunches. In the Karma app or in the store’s dairy cooler, you can buy these packed lunches for half the price.

In the area, the staff drives around with electric cars. Feel free to wave to the guard or to the receptionists!
Our boats run on petrol-efficient engines and are not painted on the bottom. Instead, we scrape them twice a year to prevent overgrowth.

We know we can always get better and really appreciate feedback.
Feel free to tip us at info@dragso.se and mark the email with ”Sustainability tips”.

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