Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation insurance costs 250 SEK or 200 SEK if you use our online booking and applies in case of illness/accident up to the day before arrival.
Refund is made when a medical certificates can be presented, with exception for the cancellation insurance and a handling fee. Cancellation with insurance is refunded with the deductions of cancellation no later than 15 days before arrival without requirement for medical certificate (deduction for online booking 490 SEK otherwise 580 SEK and possibly a bank transferring fee). No refunds will be made upon commencement of stay.
If you have no cancellation insurance no refund will be made.


Cancellation with Cancellation insurance:
If you wish to cancel your booking due to Covid-19, the ordinary cancellation policy applies. It is also possible to move the reservation to other dates 2020 at no cost (latest 15 days before arrival).

Cancellation without Cancellation insurance:
When canceling without cancellation insurance, the ordinary cancellation policy applies without refund according to the recommendations of our association. It is also possible to move the reservation to other dates 2020 at no cost (latest 30 days before arrival).
If Sweden desides to close its borders or campsites will be affected of regulations, the information about the cancellation policy above will change. Otherwise we are open as usual and everyone is welcome.

A verification email will be sent when the request has been received via the specified email.
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