• A general rule is to show consideration to others. Between 23:00-07:00 it should be quiet at the campsite.
  • Do not disturb the peace of the campsite, drive in walking speed and as little as possible.
  • The gate is closed between 23:00-06:00. Who ever comes to the campsite after 23:00 must park the car at the guest parking outside the camping area.
  • One car per checked-in unit is allowed inside the camping area (except the Luxus cabins).
  • Visitors are welcome during day time. The guest is responsible for ensuring that the visitors follows the rules and instructions that exist.
    Visitors must park their cars at the guest parking outside the camping area.
  • Car wash is only allowed in the intended locations.
  • Caravan toilets or waste water are only emptied in the service building.
  • Open fire and one-time grills are forbidden. Grills has to be higher than 30 cm from the ground and the fire must be put out latest 23:00.
    Barbeque only with charcoal or LPG. In the camping’s brick grills only charcoal is allowed.
  • Boats and surfboards must not be used within the beach area.
  • Help the children to find places that are suitable for play and ball games. To throw or kick ball among tents and caravans are not accepted.
  • Help us keep the campsite clean and rubbish-free. Use the recycling stations and sort your garbage there.
  • Any form of sale or promotion within the camping area is prohibited.
  • Camping hosts or staff are not responsible for any damage to or loss of camping guests prossessions.

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