Dragsö Camping is a members of the Swedish Camping Association therefor you will need a Camping Key Europe or a Camping ID to stay with us. Camping Key Europe is a premium card with a yearly fee and has various discounts, more information you can find here. Camping ID is free.
If you do not have Camping Key Europe or Camping ID you can solve this at the check-in desk.
In the event of unforeseen events, we reserve the right to change your booked accommodation to equivalent accommodation or campsite.

When booking is made we will send a booking confirmation by e-mail.
If you have not received a booking confirmation or invoice from Dragsö Camping you must contact the reception as soon as possible. For the booking to be valid you will need to pay a first payment, plus booking fee and possibly cancellation insurance cost, within 14 days from the time of booking. The first payment is 30% of the amount, minimum 500 SEK. If the total value is below 500 SEK, the whole amount will be payed. The full payment is to be payed at least 30 days before arrival. Booking later than 30 days before arrival must be fully payed at the time of booking. Booking fee is 80 SEK or 40 SEK if you use our online booking.

Cancellation insurances is per unit and costs 250 SEK or 200 SEK if you use our online booking and applies in case of illness/accident up to the day before arrival before 13:00. Refund is made when a medical certificates can be presented, with exception for the cancellation insurance and a handling fee. Cancellation with insurance is refunded with the deductions of cancellation no later than 15 days before arrival without requirement for medical certificate (deduction for online booking 490 SEK otherwise 580 SEK and possibly the bank’s transferring fees). No refunds will be made upon commencement of stay. If no cancellation is made and the booked item is not claimed by the guest, the campsite is entitled to charge the full payment for the booking and the object can be used by the facility to another customer. Late booked, unpaid items will be kept for the customer, unless otherwise is agreed, until 18:00 the day of admission.

Cancellation is done in writing via the form

If you have no cancellation insurance no refund will be made.

Time for check-in:
The time for check-in is at earliest 15:00. Arrivals later than 16:30 must be announced during low and middle season.
All arrivals later then 20:00 must be announced during high and peak season.
Notice that all cabins must be payed before access. You can pay upon arrival according to our opening hours for late booking. If not payed after closing on arrival the booking is not valid. So make sure to pay in advance if arriving late.

Time for check-out:
The check-out time for camping pitches is latest at 13:00. For cabins, rooms and boats check-out is latest at 12:00.
If delayed check-out the campsite has the right to charge another day fee.

Size of vehicle:
Our pitches varies in size. It is your responsibility as a customer to make sure that the pitch is big enough for your vehicle.
If your vehicle can not fit in the pre-booked pitch according to the personnel we will offer you another pitch if possible, any difference is paid by the guest. If we are fully booked and a change of pitch is not possible we will cancel your booking with refund. See our pitch sizes here.
Note that orange zone is for smaller vehicles. Contact us to find the right pitch for you.

The campsite applies the SCRs regulations. There are also local regulations, such as placements of object in pitch, car parking, electric wire handling, sewer handling due to local authorities’ regulations. You will find the information in the brochure given to you at check-in.
Violation of regulations is enough to be evicted.

The guest provides own insurances, for example accident, responsibility and vehicle insurance. Checked in guests with valid Camping Key Europe have a specific accident insurance at site.

Payment by invoice is made via Flywire through this link:

Responsibilities of campsite:
The campsite is responsible for damages made by proved negligence of campsite host or by personnel employed by the campsite. The campsite is not responsible for damages made by other guests or visitors. Nor for damage that was made beyond the campsite’s control.

Only one car per camping pitch or cabin is permitted, except the Luxus cabins where two cars are allowed. Extra cars refers to the guest parking area outside the campsite. Regarding guests with boat trailer: Parking for boat trailer must be booked in advance for an additional cost.

Fishing packages:
Our fishing packages is generally for three persons. To add more persons there is an extra cost and this has to be booked latest upon arrival.
(Our recommendations are to not be more than three people in one boat since the transport distances will take a longer). To keep a sustainable pike fishery and having a healthy habitat we only allow Catch & Release. One pike per day and boat is allowed to bring for food. This pike has to be between 40-75 cm. Overfishing is absolutely prohibited. You can therefore be rejected from a boat without a refund if this is discovered.
NOTE! The boats are not insured:
Damages caused to the boat by the customer is paid by the customer according to offer from a Marina. Completed credit card authorization is required when renting our master boats.

When the registration fee is paid or the guest is checked in, the guest accepts the agreements above.

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