Area map

Changes in pitch numbers and new pitches 2020. Follow the link to see our current area map in JPG or PDF

If you already have booked or visited us before, follow the link to see our area map from 2019 in JPG or PDF

Keep in mind that we only pre-book the following pitches:
Pitch 101-153 and 301-341, 401-430 (except 409, 419, 429 and 440) and 501-544 (except 505 and 528).
The pitches that can not be pre-booked are called unbookable pitches, these can only be obtained upon arrival or during your stay if available.

Read more about our unbookable pitches and queue system further down on this page.

Queue system

Do you want to visit us for a longer time but can not book the entire stay on the same pitch? Then we have the solution for you here! Dragsö Camping offers both bookable and unbookable pitches. Our recommendations if you have not booked is to get here around 13:00, because check-out is ongoing until then. At any waiting time, this is a perfect opportunity to have a “fika”!

Unbookable pitches

The pitches in the red and purple zone, thus, a quarter of all pitches are unbookable. If you get one of our unbookable pitches you decide how long you want to stay, as these pitches can not be pre-booked by anyone else.
For example, if you book three nights on a bookable pitch, you are guaranteed a specific pitch these nights. If you then want to stay longer than what was possible to book, it is important to tell us upon arrival. If there is an unbookable pitch available you can change immediately when you get here. If not, we will write you down on our queue list, which we the next day will use to distibute the pitches available in our unbookable area.

Queue high season

During high season, the campsite is often fully booked but for everyone to have the chance to visit us even when you have not booked we have unbookable pitches.
We have two different queue systems that we apply. One for those who stay without electricity and/or have a pitch booked for fewer days than the planned length of stay. The second queue is for guests waiting to get in outside the campsite.

Please note that you can not sign up to our queue list before you arrive at the campsite!
It is important that you are contactable on the phone number that you give us. If you don’t answer when we call, we will continue with the queue list.

Internet Access

Do you need to work or pay your bills when staying with us?

There are three different SSID networks to choose from.
1. Cloud Dragso FREE 0.5 Mbps
2. Cloud Dragso Facebook 2 Mbps
3. Cloud Dragso High Speed

The FREE network is just to login on and the speed is 0.5/0.5 Mbit/s.
Facebook Check-in is exclusive for Facebok users and the speed is about 2/2 Mbit/s.
* High Speed internet via Paypal has the speed of about 5/5 Mbit/s.

We are constantly working on expanding the internet at the campsite. Currently, 95% of the campsite has internet access.

* Please note that the internet speed may vary depending on the cabin/pitch you are staying at. 5 Mbit can vary, please see how strong your WiFi connection is to ensure you get 5 Mbit.

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